WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT. Food is at the heart of our business and

customer service is the core of who we are. Our approach is different because we delve into the personalities and souls of those we work with to create something completely unique. We do not create meals, we create memories. We understand our customers, know communication is key, and do everything to ensure a completely seamless experience - every time.

WHO WE ARE. We are part dreamers and part innovators. With over 30 years in the catering and service industry, we strive to make every event like no other before it. Whether it is a romantic dinner for two or a corporate event for 2,000, we create moments that go beyond a simple event. We believe food is more than just a four letter word. It is a way of life. A reason to celebrate. A reason to live. We want to bring that home to you.

WHAT WE DO. Menus should speak for themselves. Lori Tolbert Catering creates unique foods and environments to satisfy any need. From innovative buffets, to

delectable dessert assortments, sushi bars, trendy demi-plates, or stunning ice

scupltures, your vision is our top priority. We recently adpoted the use of a 16-foot Oklahoma Joe Smoker that can go just about anywhere we can. Tradditon BBQ, pulled pork, beef brisket, whole pigs, smoked pizzas, and the all-time favorite fresh smoked salmon can be prepared on-site time and time again. If you can dream it,

we can create it.